Pleiades (pleiadeslion) wrote in cornsnakes,

Post tail amputation...

You asked me to come back and post about Samson's tail amputation. I did actually write a post but it seems to have gotten stuck in the moderation queue.

Short version: It was a successful operation, about 10 days ago now, they think he's actually a she but that's kind of irrelevant :D I've been giving him antibiotic injections every 3 days.

I'm not sure that he's doing that well, to be honest. He was in blue at the time he was operated on, but he hasn't shed yet, although he has many tags of skin on him now, which I haven't seen happen before. He is barely moving except when being handled - sometimes I have to stroke him to check that he's still alive! He hasn't eaten since March (he usually has a mouse every two weeks) and he's ignoring the one I put in there today. I also soaked him today and a few days ago to help with his shed but he just doesn't seem to want to do anything!

The temperature in the vivarium is as usual.

I feel like this doesn't bode well. Maybe I should call the vets on Monday and see what they think #:-/ Anyone got any thoughts?
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