Pleiades (pleiadeslion) wrote in cornsnakes,

Moving a corn snake when about to shed

A couple of days ago Samson (age 7-ish, 4ft) refused a mouse, and it's been about two months since he last shed, which makes me think he'll probably turn brown soon, then it will be about two weeks until he will shed again, ie around 13/14th February.

The problem is, I am moving house on the 9th. There is no way I can change the date to move sooner or later.

Everything I've read says you should not handle a snake when they're about to shed, that it can hurt them. I have never picked up my snake in this pre-shed phase. What would you suggest? Is there some way I could handle him (I am planning to transfer him to a shoe box with holes in it to travel) that would minimise any possibility of injury?

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