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curiosity [26 Sep 2016|06:22am]

Hi All,
Just wondering, does any one else's corns have a "poo corner"?

my two corns in their separate terrariums seem to have designated corners for feces,
just wondering if it coincidence or if others have noticed this behaviour?
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Post tail amputation... [31 May 2015|03:14pm]

You asked me to come back and post about Samson's tail amputation. I did actually write a post but it seems to have gotten stuck in the moderation queue.

Short version: It was a successful operation, about 10 days ago now, they think he's actually a she but that's kind of irrelevant :D I've been giving him antibiotic injections every 3 days.

I'm not sure that he's doing that well, to be honest. He was in blue at the time he was operated on, but he hasn't shed yet, although he has many tags of skin on him now, which I haven't seen happen before. He is barely moving except when being handled - sometimes I have to stroke him to check that he's still alive! He hasn't eaten since March (he usually has a mouse every two weeks) and he's ignoring the one I put in there today. I also soaked him today and a few days ago to help with his shed but he just doesn't seem to want to do anything!

The temperature in the vivarium is as usual.

I feel like this doesn't bode well. Maybe I should call the vets on Monday and see what they think #:-/ Anyone got any thoughts?
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Tail amputation [20 May 2015|12:07am]

On Sunday I noticed my snake's tail, from about four inches from the end was completely limp. There was a discoloured band where the limpness starts. I suspected it was a break although I cannot imagine how he could've done it.

I spoke to a friend's sister who is a breeder. She was adamant that it was a partial shed that had cut off his circulation. On her advice I soaked him for 40 minutes on Monday and 40 minutes again this morning to see if he would shed, to no result.

I took him to the vet this afternoon. Turns out it's very definitely broken as I suspected. Apparently this is quite common in corn snakes. They're going to have to amputate that piece of the tail on Thursday. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, but they gave him a painkiller anyway.

Has anyone else had a snake have a tail amputation? What should I expect in terms of recovery?

(In case anyone's interested, the consultation plus painkiller today cost £77 and the amputation is going to cost £200-300.)
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Pic post [08 May 2015|10:54am]


Hades and Ghost. two of the nicest snakes i've ever had.
approx 6yrs each.
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Heat mat and rock/bark feed or water dish for sale [05 May 2015|05:13pm]

I hope this is allowed... mods please remove if not.

I'm eBaying a couple of snake items that community members may be interested in:
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122 days of anorexia-- any pro keepers in here? [17 Mar 2015|02:20am]

[ mood | confused ]

We've had a rescued adult male normal corn of unknown lineage for 18 months, that was supposedly eating f/t hopper mice steadily in his last home. In that time, he's eaten 9 times, mostly adult mice and small rats, which are appropriate for his size if he was eating twice a month. In the last 122 days, he's refused everything we've offered, which wouldn't be so worrying except that he's actively *hiding* from it. The only options left to try are live mice and lizards, and good luck finding anoles in the Great Lakes in the middle of winter! But, we hesitate to try live because of the fear response when offered a feeder, again regardless of type. There's no way we can put a live feeder in with him and trust it not to injure him if we're not there to supervise, but he won't even attempt to feed with us present, whether he's in his own enclosure or a feeding bin (which we generally don't use because it distresses the animal so much of the time).

The implications when we were given this animal are that the former owner would take the snake out and frighten his fiancee with it, and considering he'd be under the influence of unnamed "substances" at the time, I've no doubt this animal has been flung into walls or shaken. He's moved from a 20 gal tank to a 29 gal. tank, and from that to a 28 qt sweater bin (about 18" x 12" x 4"). He's had a hot side as high as 90*F and a cold side as low as 75*. We even let him brumate at 60*F last winter hoping to "reset the system". We've treated for parasites and fecaes look normal. His sheds are all normal. Puzzlingly, his weight is steady through all this.

How does one rehab an animal that does nothing but cower in fear from food?

When is it time to euthanize due to suffering?

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[26 Nov 2014|12:23pm]

I am a new snake owner. My little guy/girl,General CORNwallis is about 4 months old. I've had him for 3 months. He is a good eater, and per the breeders instructions I have been feeding him every 5th day. He had a successful first shed a couple of weeks ago. My question is how do I know when to spread out, increase, or otherwise change his feedings? I no longer have contact with the breeder as he moved. He eats frozen pinkie mice currently. That is what the breeder started him on and it's what I decided to continue with.


The GeneralCollapse )
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Introducing Bob [02 Nov 2014|04:27pm]

This is a photo of Bob, who is 16 years old and very lazy but good natured. Bob came from ffutures when he (or possibly she- we've never been quite sure) was just a sliver, along with Edmund who grew much larger but died of unknown causes a few years back.

Bob eats incredibly little; every six weeks or so he sticks his head out from under his log to announce that he is thinking about food. Offer it before that and he won't touch it. He is given three large mice, and he usually eats two of them, but frequently only once they have been sitting around ripening for a day or so. He seems to be flourishing on this rather non-standard routine; he sheds beautifully and is always unbothered by being handled by visiting children (and adults).

image under cutCollapse )
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King's Reptiles - more bad news [03 Sep 2013|06:06pm]

Further to my previous post re. King's Reptiles in Camden High Street, London

I learned today that Simon, who I think was the actual owner of the business, died a few days ago. This has accelerated the timetable for closing the shop, and their last day of trading will be Tuesday next week. They're selling off tanks, vivariums, and accessories, prices seem to be about 2/3rds normal, I'd be surprised if they have much in the way of food next week.

This is very bad news for herpers across London but there's apparently a possibility that someone with experience in this field may buy the business and re-open at a later date; it's far from a done deal, and I wouldn't recommend counting on it. In any case the shop will be closed for the foreseeable future. I'm in the area at least once a week, and will post again if there are any developments.

Cross-posted to herpers. cornsnakes
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Kings Reptiles (London) to close [19 Aug 2013|08:15pm]

Bad news for resident of London (UK) - King's Reptiles in Camden High Street will be closing at the end of September (probably September 28th) due to the ill-health of one of the owners. It's a real shame because they were one of the best breeders of snakes and other reptiles, and consistently good on things like frozen mice etc.

If you've been a customer you might want to stock up before they close, and check out alternative suppliers. Also, it's possible that they will be clearing stock before they close; it may be worth checking if they've still got the things you want, or if there are any special offers, as the end of next month approaches.

Cross-posted to herpers
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Feeding [12 Aug 2013|10:29pm]

Ok so I just tried.. for the third time to feed Creed. He seems hungry. . He zones in on and kills mouse immediately..constricts and starts eating. He gets up to shoulder and spits out. Last tues..fri and again just now. Hes a good eater! I don't understand what's going on..

Ive seen him not be hungry and just ignore mouse soi basically know when he is and when he's not. I asked at petstore today if they were getting mice from different supplier or a change in type of bedding. Something that's making him reject them. She knew nothing. She's just evening employee... *sigh* ill get used to this all yet but geez I worry! Oh and today I chose the smallest mouse they had too... he's almost full grown at 5 1/2' and has taken full size mice but who knows
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Driftwood [14 Jul 2013|01:11pm]

Originally posted by willows_aura at Driftwood
I'm back with a question :) I've googled but no answer I feel comfortable with so I'm hoping *again* for some educated info here! We're going to lake for few days week after next. Close to the lake we'll be camping at is one of the Lakes of the Woods. Where I'm hoping to find the right size of drift wood for Creeds 40 gal. How do I properly process it. To rid it of possible parasites etc. That lake has beautiful pieces usually so I'm really hoping to go home with one for him. Please don't say not to lol he loves climbing of course and the ground level pieces I have are not sufficient and anything bigger is not in the budget store bought. Thanks!!

**whatever time it takes to disinfect is not an issue! Ill spend weeks + soaking if necessary!
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shed done :) now to eat or not eat! [18 Jun 2013|01:59pm]

So like I stated previously in my last question post. Creed has shed. He's feeling fine lol I dont think he's stopped to rest in the last 12 hrs. I've put his mouse I bought him from just before shed (that he didn't want then) and although he's been following mouse around he does not strike. Mabe he's not interested or hungry yet. I'd like to take him out but kinda scared he'll see me (my hand) has a tasty morsel. ;) yes he eats live..always has since he was baby. He's 3. Is it hard to change over from live to frozen? I would prefer feeding him dead. And I'm not sure I have it in me to stun a mouse. As far as I know that's never been done with his live meals. And before I Brought him home I got to see him eat and have fed him once since I got home. He doesn't waste time usually. Guess ill fish the mouse out of there and try tomorrow again. Maybe ill try freezing one of the two I have for him and see if I can convince him its better that way lol.

Also i have yo say my eight yr old loves him and I have to say i think its a mutual affection with Creed. If Caleb is in the room the snake is fixated on him. They'll sit there staring at each other through the glass when he's not out hanging out with my son. Too cute! Didn't think there would be that much of a strong bond between the two. ♥

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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shed or sick?! [15 Jun 2013|01:20am]

First of all I'm so glad to have found this site!

Recently got my guy ~Creed~ I'm new to having a snake. The previous owner told me he would likely be going through a shed in 2-3 weeks from when I got him. That would be now. I just need to be assured if what he's going through is normal because no matter how much I try to research I'm not finding answers. He's been cloudy eyed for 4 days and barely moved for 3 days. I am worried! I've been misting him because he's definitely not wanting me to touch him. He won't lift his head but gives me a good bump when I touch him! I just hope its all apart of the process. Any information or assurance is good. Thanks!

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Photos needed: tessera, stripe, Aztec, and Anery morphs. [26 Apr 2013|08:20pm]

Hi everybody. Been quiet here lately, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

My fiancee and I are consulting on a project for the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to make a guide for law enforcement officers inspecting reptile collections and dealing with nuisance animal calls. In NY, permits are required for giants like Anacondas and Reticulated Pythons, but a surprising number of people can't tell a Ball Python from a Cobra. (As I type, someone somewhere in NY is going through a custody hearing because his ex-wife reported his ball python as a cobra and sued for full custody based on "child endangerment". I wish I was making this up.)

I'm writing to ask if anyone in the community would allow us to use images of your animals to illustrate what Should Not be confiscated. In terms of corn snakes, I've already got usable photos of our Amel and Snow males, but unfortunately, the other corns we keep are still juveniles and as such, haven't attained adult coloration yet. Additionally, we don't have any pattern morphs like stripe or tessera, since we mostly take rescue animals.

I would love to be able to show them a photo of adults of the following types:
Anery A and/or Anery B
A stripe of any color morph BUT Amel
A tessera of any morph BUT Amel
Butter, caramel, lavender, bloodred or bubblegum corns

And just so this isn't all text, here's a recent picture of my newest baby corn Aldor, a normal male, helping my friend E. get over her fear of snakes. She won't come visit me yet, but she sat with him in her sleeve or hood for a half an hour-- pretty darn good for a snake phobe!
photo cut for sizeCollapse )

Thanks in advance!
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Moving a corn snake when about to shed [30 Jan 2013|09:38pm]

A couple of days ago Samson (age 7-ish, 4ft) refused a mouse, and it's been about two months since he last shed, which makes me think he'll probably turn brown soon, then it will be about two weeks until he will shed again, ie around 13/14th February.

The problem is, I am moving house on the 9th. There is no way I can change the date to move sooner or later.

Everything I've read says you should not handle a snake when they're about to shed, that it can hurt them. I have never picked up my snake in this pre-shed phase. What would you suggest? Is there some way I could handle him (I am planning to transfer him to a shoe box with holes in it to travel) that would minimise any possibility of injury?

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Guido Mocafido [18 May 2012|08:36pm]

I'm probably a bit late to the party, but in case you haven't all seen these amazing photographs of snakes in rectangles...

Part 1

Part 2

Some corns and their close relatives in there.
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substrate [16 Mar 2012|10:17am]

Hi all,
my girl is fairly big, nearly 4ft, and only two and a half yrs old, i want to change substrates, and wanted to ask
what kind of bedding do you use in your terrariums?

i have used a few different things, from repti-sand to coconut shell,
maybe something with color,,,she is a blood morph, more on orange side than red though
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Pictures [08 Mar 2012|08:52pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello everyone!

I come with new pictures of my snake Diablo. He is about nine months old, he loves to explore or just
curl up on your hand/arm and watch a movie. He's graduated to fuzzies now it will be a while till he's ready for adult mice. Hope you enjoy the photos. picturesCollapse )

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For sale - incubator / locust cage - UK only [05 Mar 2012|06:43pm]

Don't know if this will be of interest to any one - since I'm no longer breeding snakes I'm selling off an old locust cage which I modified and have been using as an incubator for hatchlings etc. Please note that this is not guaranteed in any way, shape, or form, and at a minimum will need rewiring and probably replacement of its thermostat.


Currently on offer at 99p (since there are no bids and there is no reserve), but the buyer will need to collect it from me since there is no way I can ship it.

also posted to herpers and uk_pets
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