Unsentimental Fool (unsentimentalf) wrote in cornsnakes,
Unsentimental Fool

Introducing Bob

This is a photo of Bob, who is 16 years old and very lazy but good natured. Bob came from ffutures when he (or possibly she- we've never been quite sure) was just a sliver, along with Edmund who grew much larger but died of unknown causes a few years back.

Bob eats incredibly little; every six weeks or so he sticks his head out from under his log to announce that he is thinking about food. Offer it before that and he won't touch it. He is given three large mice, and he usually eats two of them, but frequently only once they have been sitting around ripening for a day or so. He seems to be flourishing on this rather non-standard routine; he sheds beautifully and is always unbothered by being handled by visiting children (and adults).

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