willows_aura (willows_aura) wrote in cornsnakes,


Ok so I just tried.. for the third time to feed Creed. He seems hungry. . He zones in on and kills mouse immediately..constricts and starts eating. He gets up to shoulder and spits out. Last tues..fri and again just now. Hes a good eater! I don't understand what's going on..

Ive seen him not be hungry and just ignore mouse soi basically know when he is and when he's not. I asked at petstore today if they were getting mice from different supplier or a change in type of bedding. Something that's making him reject them. She knew nothing. She's just evening employee... *sigh* ill get used to this all yet but geez I worry! Oh and today I chose the smallest mouse they had too... he's almost full grown at 5 1/2' and has taken full size mice but who knows
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