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shed done :) now to eat or not eat!

So like I stated previously in my last question post. Creed has shed. He's feeling fine lol I dont think he's stopped to rest in the last 12 hrs. I've put his mouse I bought him from just before shed (that he didn't want then) and although he's been following mouse around he does not strike. Mabe he's not interested or hungry yet. I'd like to take him out but kinda scared he'll see me (my hand) has a tasty morsel. ;) yes he eats live..always has since he was baby. He's 3. Is it hard to change over from live to frozen? I would prefer feeding him dead. And I'm not sure I have it in me to stun a mouse. As far as I know that's never been done with his live meals. And before I Brought him home I got to see him eat and have fed him once since I got home. He doesn't waste time usually. Guess ill fish the mouse out of there and try tomorrow again. Maybe ill try freezing one of the two I have for him and see if I can convince him its better that way lol.

Also i have yo say my eight yr old loves him and I have to say i think its a mutual affection with Creed. If Caleb is in the room the snake is fixated on him. They'll sit there staring at each other through the glass when he's not out hanging out with my son. Too cute! Didn't think there would be that much of a strong bond between the two. ♥

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