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Photos needed: tessera, stripe, Aztec, and Anery morphs.

Hi everybody. Been quiet here lately, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

My fiancee and I are consulting on a project for the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to make a guide for law enforcement officers inspecting reptile collections and dealing with nuisance animal calls. In NY, permits are required for giants like Anacondas and Reticulated Pythons, but a surprising number of people can't tell a Ball Python from a Cobra. (As I type, someone somewhere in NY is going through a custody hearing because his ex-wife reported his ball python as a cobra and sued for full custody based on "child endangerment". I wish I was making this up.)

I'm writing to ask if anyone in the community would allow us to use images of your animals to illustrate what Should Not be confiscated. In terms of corn snakes, I've already got usable photos of our Amel and Snow males, but unfortunately, the other corns we keep are still juveniles and as such, haven't attained adult coloration yet. Additionally, we don't have any pattern morphs like stripe or tessera, since we mostly take rescue animals.

I would love to be able to show them a photo of adults of the following types:
Anery A and/or Anery B
A stripe of any color morph BUT Amel
A tessera of any morph BUT Amel
Butter, caramel, lavender, bloodred or bubblegum corns

And just so this isn't all text, here's a recent picture of my newest baby corn Aldor, a normal male, helping my friend E. get over her fear of snakes. She won't come visit me yet, but she sat with him in her sleeve or hood for a half an hour-- pretty darn good for a snake phobe!

Aldor: ambassador snake!

Thanks in advance!
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